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Brozef Stumpel

Brozef Stumpel is a Bay Area native, a longtime hockey player, and unconditional lover of the San Jose Sharks. Each year in May, the Sharks celebrate the anniversary of their torrid affair by beating Brozef down emotionally like an abusive spouse home from his third stint in a court-ordered treatment program.

Why should you give a shit about what Brozef has to say? Well, generally, no reason. But when it comes to hockey, Brozef’s credentials include a year-long stint with the Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins PR department. Disclaimer, it was five years before they won the Stanley Cup, and the team was terrible. But Brozef likes to think he was part of the rebuild.

Brozef left the Bruins after a dispute with coach Dave Lewis over the lack of playing time third-string goaltender and waiver pickup Joey MacDonald was receiving. Brozef confronted Lewis in the corridor outside the visitor’s dressing room, to which Lewis responded, “Who the fuck are you? And who the fuck is Joey MacDonald?”

Brozef took his talents to The Patriot Ledger, often referred to as metro Boston’s premiere newspaper that isn’t the Boston Globe or Boston Herald or Boston Phoenix or even the Harvard Crimson. He was assigned to the South Shore girls high school ice hockey beat, a transition from covering professional hockey that Brozef has often referred to as “hideously demeaning” and “like going from the National Football League to the Canadian Football League.”

Brozef retired from covering hockey professionally in 2008, when he decided he liked money. His love for hockey, however, has remained unwavering. In 2009, Brozef briefly served as a contributor to Bleacher Report, before deciding that it was really fucking stupid. This blog is now his exclusive outlet for hockey-related content, with the exception of things shouted at strangers in the street.

Brozef Stumpel currently resides in an undisclosed garage behind his parents’ house in Mountain View, California with his penis and a Grateful Dead poster. All content published on this site should be considered the intellectual property of Mr. Stumpel, excluding the photographs, which are 100% stolen via Google Image search, and to which he has absolutely no publishing rights.


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